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Gifts for New Borns

Gifts for New Borns

When a little one arrives into the world it is certainly a cause for celebration! If the bundle of joy is not your own it can sometimes be hard to think of a thoughtful gift to mark to occasion. If you don’t have kids yourself the challenge can seem even more insurmountable because in truth, what do new parents actually need or want? As you wade through pages and pages of contraptions, toys and clothing it might be tempting to look for advice online, take it with a pinch of salt because no doubt you will find every opinion (and corresponding horror story) under the sun!

If you know the parents well, ask them (before the big day) what items they are genuinely in need of, it could be as simple as multiple romper suits or a blanket for nursing. Any time the conversation comes around to plans for the nursery or baby proofing the house keep your ears open for any items they would like but are not making a priority. That modern art mobile or the owl touch lamp they thought was simply adorable may not make it to the top of their purchase list so why not gift them accents that will add to the ambience of the nursery.

If you are not sure what the soon to be parent need play it safe with a selection of books, gifting them your own favourites that include a written inscription from you adds a lovely personal touch to this gift. While we are on the topic of personal touches, consider writing a letter to the new baby for them to open at a milestone birthday. Include information about the time they were born, how you know their parents and of course your words of wisdom for the future. If you are a fan of this idea consider making it an annual tradition and write a letter each year that can all be opened and read together later on.

If you are really unsure as to what to get, you can’t go wrong with some household help.  Bring around freezable meals on a regular basis, set up a weekly time to stop by and take care of dishes and hoovering.  It may be tempting to offer to babysit but bear in mind that many new parents are hesitant to leave their newborns.  If the new baby has siblings though offer to take them out for a day of fun, the parents will appreciate having fewer children to keep tabs on!

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