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The Importance of a well fitting bra

The Importance of a well fitting bra

A well fitting, comfortable and supportive bra can make the world of difference to your day to day life.  For too long we have been squeezing our knockers into sizes that just don’t fit.  Contrary to the impression you can get at many bra shops, cup sizes can go way, way above a DD.  Don’t live in badly fitting bra hell, read up on the best way to know if your bra fits, and fits well.

It can be easy to jump straight to the cup size when it comes to picking out a new bra, but the more important measurement is your band size, because not all cup sizes are created equal, literally!  The size of a cup is directly affected by the band size, meaning that the cups of a 32C and a 38C bra are going to be different sizes.

Your ideal band size will be one that fits snugly around your chest if you can get more than two fingers between your bra strap and your back it is too big.  While we are talking about snug fits we should mention that you should always measure the comfort of a new bra’s fit while wearing it on the furthest away fastener.  Bras stretch a lot during their lifetime so by starting off with it on the furthers away fastening you will extend the life of the bra by being able to use the other fasteners as it stretches out.

Once you have the band size sorted it is time to move onto the cup size!  You may be surprised that at your true cup size, it is not unusual for to have an E cup size and beyond!  As a good rule of thumb increase your cup size as your band size decreases so if you have always worn a 36C but in actual fact are a 32 band size you will have an E cup size. We ladies have been taught to feel embarrassed about large cup sizes; embrace your true cup size and revel in the feeling of a well-fitting bra.

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