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Travelling Solo

Travelling Solo

This girl is going places!

While it is lovely to escape for a couple of days (or longer) with a partner or a gaggle of girlfriends there is a delicious freedom that comes from travelling by yourself. With no one else to satisfy but yourself, you can indulge in your curiosity and do whatever your heart tells you to.  

The constant pressures of modern life can easily leave us feeling stressed out and pushing our own wants and desires to the back burner as more pressing matters like bills,  office politics, and what has gone off in the fridge take precedence.  That feeling of needing to get away from it all is a valid one, take some time off and enjoy your own company rather than pandering to others.  If you are planning a solo trip try some of these ideas to celebrate and reconnect with the wonderful human being that you are.

  • Take yourself out for a glass of wine or a cocktail
  • Take a guided tour of something that you love
  • Go to a museum or art gallery and stay for as little or as long as you like
  • Treat yourself to dinner at  a high-end restaurant
  • Don’t check work email or voice messages

Find a way to document your trip so you will have the memories around whenever you need a pick me up.  Get creative with how you document the journey, phots arent the only way to do it!  Keep travel tickets, get the autographs of your waiters, bartenders and tour guides the possibilities are endless.  Consider writing a letter to your self at the eve and end of your trip, regardless of if your trip lasts 2 days or 20 you may be surprised at the insight you can give yourself.   

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we need to take safety incredibly seriously. When travelling by yourself always listen to your gut.  Does a hotel not feel safe, does the taxi driver seem a little too interested in your plans?  Remain alert in unfamiliar surroundings and have a plan to periodically check in with someone at home.  If you are planning on travelling internationally consider making arrangements or consulting with an official tour group who is likely to have a good handle on the safest accommodations.  You may also want to check travel advice about the location you are planning to visit, click here to see the most recent advice from the UK government.

Happy and safe travels!

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