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Unusual Exercise Classes

Unusual Exercise Classes

Excercise… 30 minutes of it a day is the suggested guidelines for a healthy lifestyle and while there is no shortage of gyms, classes, equipment or do-it-at-home videos sometimes it can, well, just get a bit boring!  Whatever your reason for wanting to become more active have you ever considered doing something a little bit of out of the ordinary to get your muscles moving?

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing for fitness might be considered rather risque by some but the health and fitness benefits of it are huge. Cardio, flexibility, balance, endurance, strength Pole Dancing has it all in spades. The self-confidence that comes along with pole dancing should not be underestimated either.  Your body is beautiful, and pole dancing has you embrace it.  The physical skills involved can make pole dancers seem like they are defying both gravity and physics! If the overly sexy stuff is not your style many pole classes are approached in a purely athletic or dance context.  Competitions are also becoming more and more familiar allowing you to indulge your competitive side if you so wish.

Aerial Acrobatics

If you ever had dreams of running away to join the circus aerial acrobatics may be just the exercise class for you.   Aerial acrobatics participants spin twist, climb and swing from large strips fabric that hangs from the ceiling.  Flexibility and strength are the big benefits of this stunning art form, particularly upper body strength.  The suspension involved can be a great tension reliever and makes the exercise low impact.

Partner Dancing

Ballroom dancing, salsa, tango or swing, whatever music sings to you go for it!  Partner dancing increases flexibility, coordination and strength.  Many classes don’t require you to come with a partner, although if you do have a significant other this is a great way for you to both stay active and connect on an emotional level.


However you decide to stay active, enjoy it!

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