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Gifts your partner will actually want

Gifts your partner will actually want

The man in your life is important to you, he’s the one that knows the exact right spot to rub on your shoulders after a long day, he provides warmth for your ice cold toes and is slowly but surely coming around to the idea that arriving home with an offering of chocolate, ice cream and/or Prosecco is mandatory when you have been having a bad day.  When it comes to getting a gift for him the pressure of getting the right gift can seem overwhelming, to give you a headstart on gift getting we have collected some of our favourite ideas from Groupon’s gifts for him

Useful items

When in doubt get a present that is useful.  Socks, gloves, hats and wallets may not be the sexiest of gifts to get for your man but they do have the benefit of being something he will use practically every day.  The idea of your man carrying your gift with him in his everyday business is a satisfying one, not to mention that he will be reminded of you every time he uses the item.

Fulfil a childhood dream

Delve into the past of your partner; is there anything that they loved and lost as a child that you could find a modern version of? Much loved board games with a thematic twist, a classic pin art frame or, if he has a sweet tooth, a wicker basket stuffed full of nostalgia in the form of Wham bars, chewits and parma violets.

A date with a difference

A new trend in gifting is to forgo physical items and instead opt for experiential gifts.  Experiences could be a soaring adventure like a hot air balloon ride, an interactive activity such as a ceramics or sushi making or perhaps a guided tour of a favourite location; Stone Henge, the Warner Brothers studio or the Christmas Eat and Drink festival.  Wherever your interests lie you will be sure to find an experience that will create memories for years to come.

Add to the man cave

Does your man have a spot that he likes to retire too; a man cave, nest or nook?  Why not get him something to take his hideaway to the next level?  A luxurious leather reclining chair, indoor grill or a game case to give his Xbox a makeover are all things that will feel right at home in his mini domain. If you are in need of inspiration as to what is appropriate for a man cave check out this video.  Just maybe don’t let your partner see it the ideas it could give him could have serious repercussions!

Wrap it up

Final thought- once you decide on the perfect gift how are you going to wrap it up?  some of our favourite options include

If the man in your life likes a challenge put his gift in a wooden crate and nail it shut. Present him with a crowbar in order to open it… or just let him figure it out himself.

Repurpose old comics or newspaper for an eco friendly approach.

Set a treasure hunt that leads him around your home or other favourite places before ending with the gift.


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